The P2P Sharing Ecosystem on NEO Blockchain Through Tokenization of Real-World Assets


Business Model

Traditional mode

In the B2C business model, products are owned by the platform itself and services are centralized. The platform is responsible for offering the asset pool of a certain class and make it available for rental.

Such business model has already a long history (e.g. car rental like Hertz) as well as new economy application (e.g. ofo, ZipCar, B-Cycle, etc.)

New model

Platforms are conducting P2P interactions, executing payments and transactions in a centralized way in order to intervene and to grant the security of business engagement, which consequentely results in the heavy cost of operation and high surcharge to the users of both parties.

Examples: airBnB, TaskRabbit,

new frontier

In the P2P Sharing Economy 2.0 paradigm, Blockchain will execute transactions and payments; in this case the trust that is indispensable during the P2P transaction is provided by the Blockchain. BizShake applications will provide users with market access and business logic, for which a very small fee will be charged

SMART RENT (how it works)

1. Rental fee and deposit are locked by Smart Contract
2. Asset will be transferred from the lessor to the lessee
3. Rental fee will be transferred from lessee's wallet to lessor's wallet
4. After the rent period, lessee will transfer back the asset to the lessor
5. Deposit is unlocked by Smart Contract
* for detailed explanation, please refer to the white paper

SMART PAWN (how it works)

1. Asset is transferred from Pawner to Lender
2. Loan is transferred from Lender's wallet to Pawner's wallet
3. After the agreed period, Loan + Interests are transferred from Pawner's wallet to Lender's wallet
4. Asset is transferred back from Lender to Pawner
* for detailed explanation, please refer to the white paper


BizShake dApps


SmartRent will allow users to rent assets for a certain period of time to other users for a pre-determined fee. SmartRent will allow lessor to exploit the full potential of ownership with economic return as well as allowing lessees to enjoy the use of an asset without investing in its purchase


SmartPawn will allow users to receive a short-term loan from another user; the loan will be backed by the transfer of an asset. When the loan will be refund, the asset will be transferred back. Using SmartPawn is another form in which the owner can exploit the fill potential of ownership


BizShake will implement a decentralized dispute system that is based on peer control. This goes exactly in the way of the full scale implementation of a complete P2P sharing economy, as users will help other users to judge and settle the disputes. Moreover, the verdift of a single arbiter will undergo peer control from other arbiters


SmartCertify will adopt an innovative Blockchain concept called "Non-Fungible tokens" and will implement an affiliation program to involve Certifier Users in order to greatly reduce fake or broken objects of high-value assets. On the other hand, it will allow users to grant the authenticity of the assets they are sharing with the community


BizShake will implement specific AI algorithm to calculate user’s profile, ID and level of credibility, through multitude data from BizShake dAPPs and external sources such as government data, insurance, financial institutions, etc. Such Credibility Level can be shared with other BizShake partner dAPPs under users’ consensus


SmartAPI will provide other business owners with the possibility to implement more applications based on BizShake business logic and AI algorithms for their vertical markets, specific asset classes and languages, in order to bring the maximum possible value to the community



low fee
low fee

Leveraging on the Blockchain technology, the fee applied by BizShake will be as low as 5% of each transaction value in order to cover our business development, marketing and operation costs: 5% of rental fee from SmartRent and 5% of interests from SmartPawn. The fee will be automatically deducted from the rent/interests amount


Decentralization is one of the major pillars of the Blockchain technology and we believe is the most appropriate way to implement real P2P applications. The concept of decentralization itself is what will allow users to trade within themselves without the need of intermediaries, therefore greatly reducing the cost and fee for users involved in the transactions

easy to use
easy to use

The goal of BizShake is to achieve scalability in our user base. For this reason, we’re working hard on our User Interface in order to grant the best user experience. SmartRent and SmartPawn will be available in many languages in order to satisfy a different linguistic requirement. BizShake smart contract will facilitate the easy access to our business functionalities


The BizShake ecosystem will be implemented on the NEO Blockchain. The NEO Blockchain can already grant extraordinary performance level, compared to other SmartContracts Blockchain (1,000 TPS on NEO vs. 15 TPS on Ethereum). Neo can also achieve 10,000 TPS in the near future as officially disclosed by NEO team

multi platform
multi platform

BizShake applications will be available on multi-platforms. SmartRent and SmartPawn will be optimized for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet use. BizShake will encourage our partners to keep working with the same philosophy. New developments, with IoT functionalities, will be available in a second phase



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The P2P Sharing Ecosystem on NEO Blockchain Through Tokenization of Real-World Assets